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Popcorn & Peanut Sale

Trail's End, Whitley's & Kloke

Unit Popcorn & Peanut Ordering Info, Prizes & Top Sellers Report: 

“ADD ON” POPCORN & PEANUT PRODUCT AVAILABLE: As you know, Units placed orders for individual items on their Final Order. Council still orders by the CASE (peanuts) and by the PALLET LAYER (popcorn), so we have limited additional inventory available on a first-come, first reserve basis. Going forward, please submit any additional products needed (individual items) through THIS SURVEY LINK. These items (if available) will be added to your Unit’s final product invoice.


PRIZE ORDERS are placed through a link in the popcorn system.  Look for the ORDER PRIZES button next to the ORDER POPCORN button.  Prize orders are needed by 12:00 noon on Tuesday, 11/7.  If you don’t see the ORDER PRIZES button, try using Google Chrome as some using Google, Safari or other browsers are having this issue.

UNIT TOP SELLERS REPORT - Please save this document to your computer. List all of your Scouts who sold $650 or more and then email the document to by Tuesday, 11/7 at 12:00 noon.

Please email Heather at if you have questions about your orders.  You can also reach Heather at 757-870-3977 (cell) or Cyndee Dragoo at 804-204-2633 (office).

Scouts:  Have you reached that $650 goal?  Don’t forget about Galactic Blast Day!

Evil villain robot Mega-Corn the Destroyer has come to planet Earth to eat all the world’s popcorn, so Earth has called upon The Popcorn Squad, a group of adventurous Scouts with super powers, to stop Mega-Corn before Earth is eradicated of popcorn! Trail’s End Popcorn has supported Scouts like you for over 35 years and was the first national fundraising partner with the Boy Scouts of America.  Units have raised more than $4 billion nationwide with Trail’s End to support their adventures. Will you join forces with us this Fall and help fund your exciting Scouting adventures?

2017-popcorn-patchIn addition to raising funds for your Unit, Scouts will be awarded prizes in our NEW prize program and Top Sellers of popcorn and peanuts will earn the opportunity to attend Galactic Blast Day, launch rockets and meet their favorite Star Wars characters from the 501st Legion!

Nuts for Hiking Patch


2017 Popcorn & Peanut Product Sale Calendar

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED for warehouse distribution:  Sign up HERE!

Product Sale Order Forms:

2017 Trail’s End Take Order Form

2017 Whitley’s Peanut Take Order Form

2017 Popcorn & Peanut Prize Program brochure

2017 Unit Prize Order Instructions:  CLICK HERE.

2017 Popcorn Additional Inventory Pick Up Sheet (fillable) & 2017 Peanut Additional Inventory Pick Up Sheet (fillable)

2017 Show & Sell Inventory & Balance Sheet (PDF)

2017 Popcorn & Peanut Leader’s Guide

2017 Popcorn Unit Kick Off PowerPoint Presentation

2017 Popcorn Journey to Excellence

Military Donation Receipt - Popcorn

Military Donation Receipt - Peanuts

Show & Sell Storefront Letter (sample letter can be used to request permission for booth sales)

Benefits for Your Scout’s Participation in the Sale

Trail’s End Virtual Sale Planner:  Program Planner Worksheet, Parent Handout & More!

Path to Advancement flyer

Pack Program Planner (BSA)

Troop Program Planner (BSA)

Trail’s End website

2017 Trail’s End Online Selling Information:

2017 Trail’s End Scholarship Program

Click HERE to access all of the great training videos online with Trail’s End!

JOIN the Heart of Virginia Council’s POPCORN GROUP “Popcorn Virginia” on Facebook! 

whitleys peanut collection


square readerNEVER lose a sale because your customer says “Sorry, I don’t have any cash!”

You can accept credit cards with SQUARE. Trail’s End does not have a special promotional rate this year, but you can still visit the Square website for more information and to sign-up.

  • Accepts all major credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and AMEX.
  • Works with iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.
  • Free, easy to use readers that are PCI-Compliant.

For more information, click the link below:



Position Description and Responsibilities: Click here for details!

District Kernel Contact Information

Arrohattoc District

District Kernel – William Palmer
Distict Executive -
Matt Malone   B: 804-204-2618  M: 804-244-1992

Crater District

District Kernel –  April Robertson
Distirct Executive - Allen Crump   B: 804-204-2636

Huguenot Trail District

District Kernel - Jo Dee Novak  M: 208-571-9234
District Executive - Geoffrey P. Angle  B: 804-204-2626   M: 434-390-0466


Program Support Executive - Heather Dunton   B: 804-204-2623

Battlefield District

District Kernel - Chris Baber
District Executive - Nicholas A. Harman B: 804-204-2622   M: 804-357-8597

Capitol District

District Kernel - Eva Ferguson
District Executive - George Smith   B: 804-239-5065

Cardinal District

District Kernel  - Evangelos Ringas   M: 804-239-9361
District Executive - Joseph Orr  M: 804-909-3262

Rivers District

District Kernel - Stacey Garnett
District Executive-
 Jim Ewan  M: 804-204-2635


Questions can be directed to:

Program Support Executive - Heather Dunton   B: 804-204-2623

Trail’s End – If you have questions regarding online orders, online accounts, the popcorn system or a scholarship account, please use this direct link to the help desk: