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The Scout Service Center and Scout Shop are located west of downtown Richmond near the intersection of Broad Street and I-195.

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 6809
Richmond, Virginia 23230

Physical address:
4015 Fitzhugh Avenue
Richmond, Virginia 23230

Phone: 804-355-4306

Fax: 804-353-6109

The Scout Shop is a resource for Scouting uniforms, equipment, books, and recognitions.  The hours of operation are Monday through Friday: 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM and Saturday 9:00 AM to noon.

*The Scout Shop closes for New Year’s Day, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, President’s Day, Good Friday/Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day (2 days), Thanksgiving (2 days), and Christmas (2 days). If the holiday falls on a Monday or Friday, the shop is generally closed on the Saturday of that long weekend as well.  Please see the Council Calendar for details about store closings.

Council Leadership

Bradford M. Nesheim  B: 804-204-2611  M: 804-938-2611

Director of Field Services
William Givler IV  B: 804-204-2614  M: 804-938-2614

Field Directors
North of the James River
(to include Battlefield, Capitol, Cardinal and Rivers districts )
Matthew Connors  B: 804-204-2612  M: 804-519-2508

South of the James River (to include Arrohattoc, Crater and Huguenot Trail districts and the Scoutreach and Exploring divisions)
Matt Malone   B: 804-204-2618  M: 804-244-1992

Deputy Scout Executive
Todd D. Martin  B: 804-204-2613   M: 804-938-2613

Director of Development
Ryan Corrigan  M: 804-928-1601

Capital Campaign Director
Jay Lugar  M: 804-204-2617

Program Director
Mic Mullins   B: 804-204-2625  M: 865-771-9467

Program Support Executive
Heather Dunton  M: 757-870-3977

District Executives:

Joseph Orr  M: 804-909-3262

Huguenot Trail District
Geoffrey P. Angle B: 804-204-2626   M: 434-390-0466

Arrohattoc District
Kevin Pusak  M: 804-204-2616

Capitol District
George Smith  M: 804-239-5065

Rivers District
Jim Ewan  M: 804-204-2635
(Rivers District includes the Counties of Westmoreland, Richmond, Lancaster, Northumberland, Essex, King William, King and Queen and Middlesex)

Battlefield District
Nicholas A. Harman B: 804-204-2622   M: 804-357-8597

Crater District
Allen Crump B: 804-263-5016

Support Staff

Reservation Superintendent

Camp Ranger
Pat Dillon  M: 804-467-1897
Dean Thurston  M:804-469-1896

Officer Manager
Robin Rush  B: 804-204-2644

Administrative Assistant
Ellen M. Milano  B: 804-204-2610

Accounting Assistant
Delane C. Markley  B:  804-204-2615

Fundraising Assistant
Caroline Gallaway B:  804-204-2641

Marketing & Development Associate/Camp Trading Post Manager
Cyndee A. Dragoo B:  804-204-2633

Program Assistant
Cindy Morris  B: 804-204-2646

Margaret Benbeneck   B: 804-355-4306

Valerie Glazier  B: 804-204-2645

Scout Shop Manager
Connie Lucas  B: 804-204-2628

Scout Shop Clerk
Mary C. Huckaby-Lembo   B: 804-204-2628
Selena Giannasi   B:  804-204-2628

4015 Fitzhugh Avenue
Richmond, VA  23230

Phone:  (804) 355-4306
Fax:  (804) 353-6109