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FOS Family Campaign

Watch the 2017 Friends of Scouting Video





Why give to Friends of Scouting?
Your contributions help provide camps, training, literature, the scout shop, professional and volunteer support, liability insurance for leaders, accident insurance for Scouts,  and many other services.  Your investment through Friends of Scouting is critical to supporting and growing Scouting Programs in Central Virginia.  Please view the Friends of Scouting video at the top of this page.



Who looks after Scouting in Central Virginia?
Since 1913, the Heart of Virginia Council oversees the Scouting program in Central Virginia.  The dedicated staff and volunteers of the council work to extend Scouting to all youth and support the leaders who conduct the program.

Who pays for Scouting?
The Heart of Virginia Council is supported by area United Ways, activity fees, the popcorn sale, some endowment money and Friends of Scouting.  Friends of Scouting (FOS) makes up more than 35% of the council’s budget.  Individuals, businesses, families in Scouting, and Scouting alumni pledge their support to the Heart of Virginia Council’s services through Friends of Scouting.

In an effort to assist with the FOS Family Campaign, here are the following materials:

The Promotional Email provides a way to notify individuals within the unit of the upcoming FOS Presentation and invite them to this event.

Family Coaches help with the coordination and planning of the FOS Campaign for the unit.  The FOS Family Coach Job Description  and the 2017 FOS Presentation Script should be printed to assist in this effort.  Unit FOS Coordinators should take a look at their Job Description as well.

After the presentation, the post-presentation email is a great way to follow-up with families who missed the presentation. You can also follow-up by phone using this phone script.

Units should fill out a Unit FOS Engagement Form signaling their willingness to participate.