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Friends of Scouting

Friends of Scouting is the Heart of Virginia Council’s annual giving campaign and is the largest and most important source of funding.   Your support will be spent wisely in helping units be successful and in creating opportunities for youth to join Scouting.

If you have any questions following your donation please contact our council office at 804-204-2617 or send an email to  Thank you for your support!   All donations are tax deductable.

To learn more about the Heart of Virginia Council go to


Thank you for your support!

Support  Opportunities

Our “Volunteer Job Bank” is where we post needs for volunteers to help with small to medium sized, short-term projects.  If you are interested in helping to support scouting in the Heart of Virginia council, please take a look at our Volunteer Job Bank for a way that you can get involved.  You can also take a look at our council “Wish List” for specific needs the council has, including both physical donations, and skilled volunteers.

One of Scouting’s primary fund-raisers is our annual Popcorn Sale.  This event helps raise money for local Scouting units, as well as the Heart of Virginia council.  Your support of the popcorn sale goes a long way towards supporting Scouting in our communities.  A new fundraiser in 2013 is the Camp Card sale which helps Scouts and Scouting units earn money for camping, other events, supplies, etc.  Supporting the Camp Card Sale is a great way to help a Scout increase his Scouting experience.

The Heart of Virginia’s Annual Council Golf Tournament is a fun way to meet others dedicated to the scouting cause, while having a great time and supporting council’s regional efforts.  The Council Golf Tournament is an opportunity you won’t want to miss.

The Richmond Area Sporting Clays Classic is a  first class event is fun for both experienced shooters and novices. Corporate sponsors use the event to entertain clients and reward business associates. Carefully laid out around the beautiful Cub Adventure Camp in Goochland County the course consists of multiple stations with unique presentations. Two flights are available, one in the morning, one in the afternoon. New this year, Lunch will be a Wild Game Feast with 12 varieties of meat served including Buffalo, Venison, Caribou, Moose, and Bear.

The “Friends of Scouting” campaign is our annual fund-raising effort which collects donations that go directly to funding scouting initiatives and supporting local scout efforts in our communities.  Friends of Scouting is the primary source of revenue for the Heart of Virginia Council.