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Religious Emblems

The Religious Emblems Committee for the Heart of Virginia Council serves to promote awareness and participation in the “Duty to God” components of the Scouting program and its faith partners. The committee actively works to promote faith-based programs and initiatives throughout the Council. The members of the committee represent faith and civic organizations that partner with the Boy Scouts of America.

The Committee is setting strong new “Faith Based Initiatives” for 2014 including encouraging and promoting Religious Emblems programs for various faiths throughout the Council.  We plan for these to be on-going programs which will support all of the Scouting programs within the Heart of Virginia Council.  So the first question is  “How do I get started?” and the answer is “That’s easy, just click here.”

More information can be found about religious emblems awards program for various faiths by clicking here or at

Jonathan Shouse, Presbyterian, Cardinal District chairs the committee

Other members include the following:

Bill Chaffin, Methodist (Scouting Coordinator, Richmond District), Huguenot Trails District,
Dwight Clark, Presbyterian Church USA, Battlefield District,
Dave Talley, Methodist, Crater District,
Doni Grande, Baptist, Cardinal District,
Fred Klotz, Roman Catholic,
Mike Menefee, Roman Catholic (Richmond Diocesan Representative),
David Anderson, Episcopal, Cardinal District,
Sid Smyth, Crater District, Episcopal,

Matt Malone, Staff Advisor,
Brad Nesheim, Scout Executive,


Dr. Doni Grande received the Good Shepherd Award on March 31st.  Presented by the Association of Baptists for Scouting, the Good Shepherd Award is presented to church volunteers who have positively affected the lives of Baptist youth through one of the nationally recognized youth agencies, including the Boy Scouts of America.  Dr. Grande has served many roles with the Cub Scout Pack 720 and Boy Scout Troop 720 chartered to Mount Vernon Baptist Church in Glen Allen, Virginia, and is presently the chartered organization representative.  Pictured left to right are: David Anderson of the council’s religious emblems committee; Brad Nesheim, council Scout Executive; Sonja Myers, Doni’s Wood Badge course troop guide; Ron Pierce and Sandra Daul,  members of Doni’s Wood Badge patrol; Doni Grande; daughter, Venturer Lydia Grande; son, Eagle Scout Elias Grande; son, Webelos Scout Nate; wife Linda.


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