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There are many resources available to assist unit leaders in running an effective and fun-filled scouting program.  These help provide a blue-print for successful unit, making the job of a unit leader easier.  Resources are available from the national council, the Heart of Virginia Council, and at the district level.

National Council Resources

Downloadable Forms and Documents

Internet Advancement

Internet Recharter

Logging Service Hours

Heart of Virginia Council Resources


Merit Badge Counselor Application

Health and Safety and Accident Insurance (To file a claim, click here)

Religious Emblems


District Resources

All scouting units fall into one of the Heart of Virginia’s scouting districts.  These districts each provide assistance, resources, and opportunities to the local scout units in their area.  Each district also has a monthly “Roundtable” meeting to provide unit leaders the chance to meet, discuss scouting challenges and solutions, and share information about local scouting events and activities.

For more information about the Heart of Virginia’s scouting districts, please visit the district page to find your district and view additional information about district specific resources.

Outside Groups

Other groups outside of scouting also provide great opportunities for your scouts.  Those opportunities will be listed on the Outside Groups page.