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ASR Tool Drive

We Need More Tools!

The maintenance team at Albright is looking for donations of tools and equipment.

We especially need tools for working on vehicles and tractors, such as 1/2″ and 3/4″ socket sets or pieces in metric and inch (SAE). Partial sets and singles are fine, especially in the 3/4″ size. We also need metric and SAE wrenches.

The camp could also use garden tools. We go through a lot of garden tools maintaining our trails and roads. If you have an extra pair of loppers or clippers, or you buy a new one for yourself, keep us in mind when deciding what to do with your old equipment. We also need shovels, rakes and other garden tools. Mattocks are especially sought after here for clearing small stumps at the campsites. We also use these to remove the small stumps that trip you up while walking our trails.

For more information, contact Joe Murray at 804-503-2055 or e-mail Joe at