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Albright Scout Reservation

Albright Scout Reservation (ASR) is a council owned weekend camping facility located at 11301 Trents Bridge Road, 23838, in Chesterfield County on Lake Chesdin.  The reservation is a 568 acre multi-use area which provides opportunities for unit camping, district events, large and small, and leave-no-trace camping.  Albright is a great place to do pioneering projects, such as this one by Troop 498.  There are three nature trails with signs describing over 60 species of plants.   We also has several First Class compass courses, and a permanent five mile orienteering course, that are perfect for skill advancement.

Want to help us maintain this great property?  We welcome volunteers for the maintenance or mowing crews, trained camp masters are always needed to assist with weekend camping and events, or donate tools to the Albright Scout Reservation Tool Drive.

Adirondack shelter for overnight use

Camp Finley Short Term Camping Area

Camp Finley is designed to be used by individual Packs, Troops and Crews as a weekend camp. Vehicle access to all but the Wilderness Camping area is provided.

This area is situated in a dense stand of mature hardwood forest that affords plenty of privacy for each campsite.  The camp has six separate camping areas that accommodate three distinct camping styles, each with a shelter, picnic table, fire ring(s) flag pole, close parking, a nearby latrine and capable of multiple unit accommodations. Comfort facilities are located throughout the camp.  Drinkable water is available for campers at a central locations, but not at each campsite.

The camp has an outdoor amphitheater for campfire/chapel activities and convenient vehicle access to all but one camping area, with ample parking.  One camping area specifically designed for handicap access and Cub Pack Camping.

Foot trails interconnect all campsites, and there are excellent bank fishing opportunities on each of the reservations nine ponds.

Map of the Finley Camping Area

Gladbrook Ecology Area

The Gladbrook Ecology Area is a perfect location for large district and council events and is capable of accommodating hundreds of campers.  There are open fields for camping, a recently completed pit latrine, and the area is surrounded by four of the reservations ponds.

Map of the Camporee Area

Phillips Wilderness Camping Area

The Phillips Wilderness Camping Area is a Leave-No-Trace camping area on the east side of the power cut, and limited vehicular access camping on the west side of the power cut. The LNT area has a hiking trail down to the lake Chesdin, and there is a latrine in the parking area.  Primitive camping is supported in this area following the LNT guidelines.  There are three campsites on the west side that have fire rings but not latrines. There is also a camping area in the upper part of the Phillips area near the old back entrance.

Map of the Wilderness Area


ASR Five Mile Trail

This trail was developed by members of the Order of the Arrow in service to the reservation.  The trail follows narrow paths through hardwood and pine forests, rock formations, stream crossings and other natural features, and is great way to experience the reservation.  Scouts can use this loop for the Second Class Five-Mile hike requirement.  The trail is well marked and has mileage posts to keep you on track

Map: 5 Mile Loop Map

Guide:  5 Mile Loop Guide

ASR First Class Compass Courses

There are two areas on the property where one-mile compass courses have been created.   The first option is a traditional bearing and distance course beginning in the northwest corner of the camporee field between the two large white oak trees.  There is a cement pad in the ground labeled control point 6; this is the starting point.  Follow the compass worksheet to navigate point-to-point across the field to the other stations.

ASR First Class Compass Course Worksheet for participants.

ASR First Class Compass Course Worksheet for leaders.

The second option are two courses that are traditional orienteering courses using a  topographic map and compass.  They begin at the flagpole in front of the Cahoon Center,  using the map and information below.  Control points are red and white orienteering marks on wooden posts.

Put map link here:  Cahoon Center One Mile Course Map

Put master key link here:  Cahoon Center One Mile Course Key

ASR Five Mile Orienteering Course

There is a five-mile permanent traditional orienteering course using a topographic map and compass.  It begins at the kiosk at the Phillips Wilderness Area.  The control points are yellow and white reflective cubes mounted on PVC poles.  The course should be done in order to achieve five miles.  Portions of this course can be use as training or to make smaller courses.

Put Map link here:  ASR Five Mile Permanent Orienteering Course

 Availability and Reservations

To check availability of campsites and facilities click here to view the reservation’s calendar. To reserve a campsite at Albright Scout Reservation click here.  If you wish to reserve a Day Use facility, such as the Cahoon Activity and Training Center, select the “Camp Albright Day Use” Category near the top of the page.


Directions from Scout Service Center (Richmond): Take Powhite Parkway (South) to Chippenham Parkway (South). Take the 1st Ironbridge Road Exit towards Chesterfield. Turn right onto Beach Road (Route 655).   After about 1.1 miles, take a left onto Nash Road (Route 636).  Follow Nash Road to Woodpecker and turn right, then shortly left, back onto Nash Road; then follow Nash until it ends at River Road (Route 602, Route 36), around 7 miles.  Turn left onto River Road.  At the Radio Tower (0.6 mile) take a right onto Trent’s Bridge Road and turn left into Albright Scout Reservation (0.5 mile)

Directions from Skinquarter: Take Hull Street (Route 360) East to Beaver Bridge Road (Route 603). Turn right onto Beaver Bridge Road and drive 4.3 miles. The name changes to Winterpock Road for about 0.1 mile before you reach Black Road. Turn Right onto Black Road (Route 621) until it ends (1 mile) at River Road. Turn left onto River Road (Route 602, Route 36) until you see the second Radio Tower (red and white on the Right Side of the Road -10.9 miles). Ignore the first Radio Tower you see on the left side of the road at the Water Tower. Take a right at the second Radio Tower onto Trent’s Bridge Road (Route 628) and turn left into Albright Scout Reservation (0.5 mile).

Directions from Petersburg: Take River Road (Route 36) West until you reach the Radio Tower (about 9 to 10 miles). Turn left onto Trent’s Bridge Road (Route 628) and turn left into Albright Scout Reservation (0.5 mile).


Revised February 16, 2018  by Kevin Kessler