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Show Your Scouting Support – 2017 Join Scouting Campaign

Join Scouting Nights are just around the corner. Share your Cub Scouting pride with everyone you know by posting a Facebook profile picture frame designed by the BSA’s Cub Scouts team. It only takes a few seconds to show that you’re a proud Cub Scout mom, dad or family.

Adding a Cub Scout profile picture frame on Facebook is Easy and Only Takes a Few Seconds!

  1. Click here to select one of three Proud Scout Mom, Dad, or Family designs (shown below).
  2. Search for one of three Scout picture frames by typing in one of the following descriptions:
    • “Scout Fam Profile Picture Frame”
    • “Scout Mom Profile Picture Frame”
    • “Scout Dad Profile Picture Frame”
  3. Select the frame you want, select a new photo or scale your current profile photo if needed.
  4. Select “Use as Profile Picture” and you’re done! You can even set a timeline for how long you’d like to keep the frame if desired.
  5. Get ready to answers questions from new prospective Scouting families!

Or Choose the “Ask me About Cub Scouts” design below:

ask me about cub scouts

  1. Just click here.
  2. Click the “Add to Facebook” button or you can “Add to Twitter”
  3. Position and resize the image.
  4. Click change the image if desired.
  5. Click “Add the Twibbon to Facebook” button.
  6. You have the option to post a message of Scouting support.
  7. Get ready to answer questions from new prospective Scouting families!

You already know what makes Cub Scouting a great program: adventures, service, teamwork, outdoor fun, games, great leaders and everything else. The only thing more fun than being a Cub Scout is being a Cub Scout with a good friend so spread the word! Scouts can even earn a Recruiter Strip to wear below the right pocket of their uniform for recruiting a new Scout!

Thank you for helping us promote Scouting during our 2017 Join Scouting Campaign!