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Lion Cub Program for Kindergarteners


Your Pack Can Participate in the Kindergarten LION Pilot Program This Year!

This is your last chance to impact the National Lion Program before it becomes a part of Scouting for every pack.  Your feedback is valuable!

To Sign Up:  Turn this form into your District Executive by August 30, 2017.

There’s been some exciting new changes to the 2017-2018 Lion Pilot Program!

  • Pack meetings and activities will be open to Lion families who want to participate.
  • The Pinewood Derby is open to Lions (3 recommended options).
  • Fundraising will be allowed as a family option.
  • Lion Uniform T-shirt won’t change, but families have the option to buy button-down shirt.
  • There will be a Lion-specific page in Boys’ Life.

The District Key 3 approves all participating packs.  (Packs who participated in the Lion program during the 2016-2017 school year do not need to complete this form.  Just let your DE know you are continuing in the pilot program).