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BSA License Plates

BSA Business License Platebsaplate

Delegate Randy Minchew from Leesburg, VA will be filing a bill in the Virginia House of Delegates for the upcoming 2017 Session to create a specialized license plate for Scouting.  Mr. Minchew is an Eagle Scout, former Scoutmaster and Silver Beaver Award winner.  He knows this project has been in the works for a few years now but is reaching out to all of the councils that serve Virginia to get on board and promote this license plate.

The final plate design will be similar to the one above but may be altered to reflect the new brand identity “Prepared. For Life.”  And perhaps with the action graphic along the bottom.   This is not specific to just one BSA council so all Scouting families in Virginia can use this plate.

The cost of the plate will be one time fee of $25.00 ($35.00 if you want to personalize it). Please complete the DMV application (form VSA10) and mail it to with your check or credit card # to:

BSA License Plate, Heart of Virginia Council, PO Box 6809, Richmond, VA 23230.

Make checks payable to “BSA” and write “license plate” in the memo section.

If it would be more convenient to pay online you may do that at this link: click here.

The Heart of Virginia council will be the collection point for applications.  A custodial account has been established and a record of applicants and fees collected is being kept.

Questions can be directed to Todd Martin 804-204-2613 or

Forms can be downloaded at this link: